The Box Full Of Sparks show utilises top-of-the-range professional equipment, ensuring reliability and consistency of performance at all times.  The specification of the main items are as follows :

Sound Reinforcement and PA System 

2 X QSE K10 full range powered cabinets each rated at 1000w2 X QSE K-Subs sub-bass powered cabinets each rated at 1000wTotal output for the system 4000w (depending on the size of the venue and numbers in the audience)
On Stage Fold-Back Monitor System

Passive cabinets by Wharfdale and JBL, pro 15″ drivers and HF horns2 X Pro Music power amplifers2 X Wharfdale 24 band graphic equalisers
Mixing Desk

Sound Craft Spirit FX16 with on board Lexicon effects

Shure Beta 87s and 85s


Bognor, XT Lunchbox, Marshall, Fender,




Musical Instruments 

Electric Guitars

Fender, Fret King, Gibson, Ibanez

Electric Basses

Status, Alembic

Acoustic Guitars

Taylor, Martin, Ovation, Yamaha


Roland, Korg
Music Production, Live Show Control, DMX Lighting and Audio Recording Software and Hardware


Venue Magic Show Control, Steinberg’s Cubase, Groove Agent, Wave Lab, Halion Sonic, Melodyne DNA, Roland VS2480 24 track recording studio.