We Received a 96% Approval Rating – Blimey!

During mid-December 2013, A Box Full Of Sparks played the Reigate Club. Just before we were due to go on stage, the compere told us that the audience would be judging the band based on its first half performance (just the sort of news we need minutes before the show was due to start – no pressure then!) and the results would be put into a computer and our ‘approval rating’ would be given based on the average scores and announced to the audience before the start of the second set.  We had no idea we were in a talent contest and Mal said that had he known before hand he’d have put clean underpants on… ewwww! So we played the first set and waited for the results.  At the start of the second set the compere announced we’d been given a 96% approval rating, the highest ever recorded by an audience for any band performing at the club!  Hooray!  What we want to know is, what were the remaining four percent thinking?  Oh well, never mind, onward and upwards!

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